The best mobile games for Android and iOS

Below we have written down a list of our favourite mobile games that are available for smartphones. All of these games have hundred millions of downloads and hundred thousands of daily players if not millions.

Pokemon Go

In July 2016 when the game was released for Android and iOS smartphones everybody saw the Pokemon hype. In the last months this cooled down a lot but still a lot of people are playing the game as they are always releasing new content such as the second generation of Pokémon. Additionally they introduced dungeons what is another cool feature as you are able to play battles together for the first time with your friends. Pokemon Go is a great game for everybody who likes to have some physical exercise while gaming and also be able to hang around with all your friends.

The social aspect of Pokemon Go is really great as you meet and talk to a lot of real people that all have something in common with you, the love to the Pokemon.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Since the early 2014 Hearthstone is one of the most played games on all platforms. The connection through your account makes it possible to switch between devices. You can play with the same deck on Smartphone and PC whenever you want.

In Hearthstone you can play as 9 different heroes. Each of them has a different class which contains one or two different skills and access to class restricted cards. Most of the cards can be used by every hero but some can only be used by specific hero mostly these are stronger cards with special abilities.

Your goal is it to collect all cards and build the strongest card deck you can with every hero. This will be needed to play through the story campaign where you have to defeat the Lich King. Don’t underestimate this mode the allies of the Lich King got unfair advantages.


GTA San Andreas

Remember back than when you were playing GTA on your PS2? Wasn’t this amazing? If you want to have a this feeling again you should get San Andreas on your smartphone now. The controls are pretty easy and accurate as well. Some mobile shooters have the problem that the controls do not allow you to shoot accurate. GTA San Andreas differs from this the developers made good work on the aiming but on the overall game as well. The game will be starting exactly the same way as it did on Console or PC back than, they made sure to include everything which was available than also. Not as some other mobile games that do not have all features of their

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

This is one of our long time favourites, we have played this game for several hundred hours and we are still not bored. The game always gets updated and so new cards keep getting added to the Dokkan Battle. Today the game has over 100 million downloads in total which is an enormous amount of players.

The aim of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is to defeat your enemies and build the strongest team of Saiyajins. For this purpose you have to farm a lot of Gold and Dragon Stones but since they are very rare some clever guys came on the idea to develop some extra help.

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