Overwatch is one of the best games to play in 2017

If you like to play Mutliplayer-Ego-Shooters with comic graphics Overwatch will be the perfect choice for you. It features 25 different heroes with unique abilities and weapons. All of them are separated into different types as Tank, Defense, Attack and Support. To make the best experiences with your team you should always have enough characters of each type.

On the defense side you are mostly required to play with two tanks so you goal is it to always stay alive and hold the point or block the lore to not reach the last checkpoint. No matter what you will have to survive to do this so having at least two characters that have higher hp will only help you. Than you should also focus on having good healers in your team like Lucio and Mercy. Ana can also be a powerful healer but you need a better aiming to perform good with her so she’s quite the hardest healer to play.

Play for the objectives not kill:death ratio

This is not like Counter Strike or COD in Overwatch you have to play for the objectives not for the kills. The opponent team can have 10x the kills than your team has if you push the lore even a cm further you are going to win the match. It’s less likely to happen if they would be this superior but it may happen.

Do not just play one hero

It is important that you can play more than just one hero to become a good and successful Overwatch player. The reason behind this is if you join a match and your main hero is already picked you are going to have a bad match. So make sure to always have a plan B in your offhand. It is highly advisable to be able to play three to four champions on a good level. You mustn’t master all of them but you should just be good enough to not cost your team the win if you can not play your main character for whatever reason.

Team setup

Depending on what game mode you are playing you should either setup your team like this 3-1-2 or 2-2-2. If you are playing ranked you should definitely play the 2-2-2 variation as this one is the safest and most played team setup in Overwatch.

overwatch 2017

Counter your enemy team if you can

Have an eye on the enemy team and focus on countering the strongest of their players. If you switch the character to counter your opponent focus on him and harass him whenever you got a chance to take on him. But only do this if you are used to the character that counters him, do not try to counter someone using a character that you have never played as it will be completely useless.

Play normals to train new champions

Do others a favor and do not play champions that you have absolutely no experience with. If all the champs that you are used to should be picked kindly ask over the voice or text chat if somebody could switch for you. If nobody should respond you have done everything that you could. So just pick the most useful hero if there was no response and try to make the best out of the situation. This may be frustrating but don’t quit the game or go afk because you can not play one of your better picks as leaving may get you banned if you do it too often.